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Tour the community spawned by the secret Manhattan Project during WW II, and peek at today’s Los Alamos National Laboratory. Our comfortable van tours are rich in history, archaeology, geology, and scenery. New Mexico is our home.On our 1-1/2 hour tour, get to know Los Alamos, where discoveries are made! Hear the story of the volcanic Jemez Mountains and Pajarito Plateau; from the ancient inhabitants to the world-renowned Los Alamos National Laboratory. See where World War II scientists lived, worked, and played during the top secret Manhattan Project. Discover our recreational and cultural treasures. Cost: $25/person, accompanying children $10.

Call 505.662.2547 for the most current tour information. Each tour is limited to 7 passengers and customarily departures at 1:30 from Bradbury Science Museum.  Tell us you’re coming by noon and we’ll save you a place.  If there is room, standbys are welcome aboard.  Cash payment is preferred.

100th Anniversary

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2017 is the 100th anniversary of the founding of the exclusive Los Alamos Ranch School.  It’s resort-like campus of 50+ buildings on the remote Pajarito Plateau made it attractive as the isolated place for developing atomic weaponry, if it could be done.  Project Y director J. Robert Oppenheimer DID NOT attend the Ranch School, but knew about it from vacationing in New Mexico as a young scientist.  He and Manhattan Engineer District commander, Gen. Leslie Groves, chose this inspiring location.  Come and learn more, much more.

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